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America really needs help now

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I posted this in 2012 not much has changed it seems.

Can someone please help me to understand America. I know I rant on about America a lot. It has a magical fantasy land attraction for me, a bit like avatar and I do lean towards the blue team. Although not all of the blues are worthy, as with all politicians, I’ve noticed that some are just beyond support.

I’m not going to post an endless list of linked examples or videos, but please just become aware of the current goings on in America, and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Some folk who seek a simpler time, will deride Barack as being responsible for the current economic quagmire that country is in, but if you look at the facts, what he inherited, (thanks w and the disgusting banker network ), and what he has tried to do, I think you might just change your mind.

Idiotic states rights over the good of the country. Over public health, human rights or even a right to vote are, in my humble and far away opinion, dragging America into some kind of puritan Quaker, Mormon, fundamentalist Christian time capsule.

Rather than videos and links, here are some examples that rattle me loose.

  • Unfair voter registration requirements, seriously penalising the less fortunate and heavily marginalised population. no surprise to learn then that these people would be less likely to vote for the republicans or tea party buffoons.
  • Racially motivated policy created under the scared reactionary nonsense of strengthening borders.
  • Fringe dwelling imbeciles getting themselves elected to state education boards and slashing any real knowledge from the school curriculum. teaching that science is bad and wild reactionary man made versions of scientific knowledge is best.
  • Determining when a life begins, not based on medicine but from the date of the women’s last period. wtf is that ? sure it gives fanatics a date from which to set draconian anti abortion laws, how can you just make that shit up ?
  • Slash funding for family planning and women’s health because you think that the sensible aspect of women’s health is in stark contrast your own fairy-tale view on modern living.
  • A wish to reduce the all ready obscene minimum wage if you earn tips while doing that job. the wage is third world level and should be raised. various governments have failed to lift this insulting pittance to any decent level over the last two decades. it has to be lifted.

Ok, you get the picture, I have issues with the issues I see being sprayed on ridiculous right wing, republican biased (no matter what they say ) media and a blinkered regression to an obscene level of general ignorance.

Is there hope for America ? Well, the bankers won’t provide any, the madness behind the military ( not the troops of course ) won’t provide any, the party of tea drinkers won’t provide any, the fundamentalists or even the stupid Scientology weirdos won’t provide any. Nor will a Mormon multi billionaire who claims to be in touch with middle class America. He can’t even spell America for fucks sake.

America is stuffed and I’d suggest that it’s in need of urgent help. Can you help ?

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09/07/2012 23:13

I think that America is always an easy target, especially for those who are looking from the outside in. Had America decided to do what most other countries do and say “fuck you”, then the rest of the “free world” wouldn’t be so free….whenever there is a crisis, the first question, “what is US going to do”…think about what this world would look like had US decided to do nothing…..I only have to think about WWI and WWII….every country makes mistakes, yet any mistake made by the US is ALWAYS over exaggerated and in most cases castigated by the same people who owe their freedom to the MONEY and MEN that this country sacrificed.
I came here 26 years ago from England and discovered that all the bullshit that I heard on the BBC, was just that, BULLSHIT.
There is no perfect country and US has many problems, at this time mostly domestic, yet there is never a call to reduce the money spent on keeping the rest-of-the-world afloat…if the US removed all their bases from Europe and the Far East, it would save billions, and also take millions of $$ from economies that barely afford to repay their domestic debt.

11/07/2012 23:50
Reply to  Neil

Have to strongly disagree with you Neil, the US are arresting people for feeding the homeless, police officers are out of control and killing innocent people, they have gone too far with this Obamacare and taxing people who have no health insurance, they have implemented Agenda 21, started illegal wars and guilty of killing thousands of innocent men, woman and children all under the pretence of freedom. These are just a few examples of what is happening in the US today. It is now happening in the UK but most people are so unaware of the truth or refuse to acknowledge it, it won’t be long before the UK becomes a police state.

08/07/2012 05:50

I can sir.i feel a complete new look for the USA is needed. Smaller cars smaller meals and a bigger heart!

08/07/2012 00:31

Damn….America sounds like a nightmare, sure glad I live in California, the rest of the place looks like it’s trying to lead us forward into the 19th century. But hell yes there’s hope. We put up with a lot of bullshit, but when it gets to stinking too much we vote for change, and drastic change like we did in 2008. We’ll see what happens in November.
I’m quite sure the Land of Oz has it’s fair share of fuckheads too.

07/07/2012 15:33

yep – you got it right, and I’m sure the list could go on. Truth is America is a juggernaut that never changes easily, and those at the top haven’t a clue what to do about it – not really. Everybody thinks it can all change in a couple years, where in truth it takes decades. Who to blame? Who knows anymore? However, I do believe Barack has done the most and quickest damage of any politician to date.

Matt Harvath
Matt Harvath
07/07/2012 12:34

I agree! America is so screwed up. I live here, born and raised here and I don’t even understand it. I hope the elections this year bring about a change. I think we need to head in a new direction!

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