Alan Crawford

A increasingly grumpy old fart trying to write some short stories. May the bird shit to your left and not right on your shoulder.

Safia Counting Sheep

A truly wonderful Australian band deserving of your audience, it’s Safia Counting Sheep –   © Alan Crawford 2020Original content here is published under these license terms: X License Type:Read OnlyLicense Abstract:You may read the… Read More »Safia Counting Sheep

The tale of the Thing that Happened

The human race had been won. Humans won. They destroyed just about everything on the planet, the planet they called Earth. It was called Noshtfixher by the rest of the Galaxy and if something had survived it didn’t have long to go. The flora, fauna, the air, the water, the ground itself was in dire straights and groaned loudly at the virus like excess of the human’s activity. The never-ending search for space, comfort, one-upmanship, sex, food, and pride. All of these things resulted in a smaller and smaller world for the humans to live in. They were two and half days away from having nothing at all.