Careless a bad poem

Careless a Bad Poem

Not much left to say

As my life slips away

Fortunes wasted 

Squandered cash

The careless all tune out

Maybe we can laugh

Alone without a rhyme 

Left to cry alone

Smiles abound while keeping time

The careless still tune out

You’ve let friends move on 

You’ve hidden away 

Writing words to fill the spaces

And posting things to pass the day

The majority of folk don’t seem to care

The world abounds with hate 

There’s things that they can do 

But we know they won’t

We’ll sink into an bigger hole

The careless still tune out

The media loses all direction

The government’s a joke

All while the normals cry

Struggling to rhyme’s a joke

Corruption grows and no-one cares

Ignorance swings

The careless still tune out

Can’t anyone change a thing

Why are things so dire

Poetry’s not the answer

Not at least with this attempt

Who are the careless anyway?

Why’ve they all tuned out

How do we excite them 

And how do we tune them in

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I’m nothing if not compliant, the system demanded more words. It was hard enough to pop out this nonsense. I tried to find more. If you have any words you think I should ad to this post, please contact me via socials I’m @acrawfordsaid