This category serves as a reservoir for all things not clearly defined in the other menu items. Somewhat confusing I know but here are the rants, observations and absolute nonsense posts from my old tbaoo.com.

What’s news

today marks the end of kev our older and now ex prime minister at the lodge, the stately canberra home of the pm. he and his gazillionare wife have moved back to brisbane, to make best plans for their regular church attendance, local representation and fetes that abound in his local electorate. now that he has gone, and julia has apparently explained her relationship and the fact she doesn’t believe in god, she’s sure in for a rough ride from the likes of fred nile, aog, hillsong church and senator fielding.

In the dark and cold and on call

picture this, it happened a few weekends ago, prior to my current shift. a young humpback whale is very slow in the water, seemed sick and when beached, dies shortly after. a very sad thing to witness ( thankfully i did not have to ), lot’s of people as you’d imagine, try to save it but they have no hope. any-who, someone decides to call our on-call section, i’m being a bit cagy here for some reason and i don’t know why. i even made jokes about this before, so well hidden you’d need to be me to understand them !!

It be me not you

well !! it’s me – not you. with the odd ebb and flow of life’s little details, stupid headlines and bizzare ideas – it’s just that i manage to see these things, maybe because my mind is like a sludge pool of festering bile with a comedic twist – me hopes !! and because it’s my mind, i strangle the idea, keep it caged for a time, smack it and then only let it go free when i sit here typing at my new apple imac – is that considered to be product placement, i mean wasn’t the i want an apple iphone placement enough

Last night the PM was a man today a woman

sorry this is a bit localised, but i can’t believe that had i not been addicted to promoting this dynamic outpouring of rubbish, i would have missed the fact that australia was heading to have a new prime minister, i understand and find it a complete spin out “man” that most citizens of this fine land would have been in bed asleep .. woken ( a bit late ) to discover for no apparent reason – to their knowledge – that we have a new prime minster .. and it’s a woman – the first for oz.

Today we talk about boobs

well can’t that just be the subject of conversation for every post, not just today, i mean all chest thumping, crease strengthening, sausage sizzling heterosexual men have this strong desire to talk about, be near to and all the rest with breasts i shouldn’t elaborate on here !!

Old man has too much hair

can you believe that after growing my goatee beard for some months now, i have decided to remove it and return to my youthful – baby faced persona that i normally offer the world. maybe that should read attack the world with !! in fact i change my appearance so often, that my wife has decided to take photos in the morning and check when she returns from work, that she is kissing the right guy.

Sperm whale poop Senators and farts

i’m sorry but the world is one weird place .. it’s actually getting weirder even as i type this – i’m struggling during the day – normal work activity, to contain my amazement at the strange ideas that zoom past my brain, some go in, some just float on by.

Look Mummy I built a dress

far be it for me to criticise other bloggers but what the the e”f”en hell is going on when 10 and 12 years olds are affecting the professional lives of business people who’ve at least had an adult thought !!

My lens will be bigger

i have a sincere and biological hatred for the industry that is paparazzi, gossip and celebrity bullshit that seems to permeate our daily lives. i sit here after adjusting the blogline blog roll (see right side bar) and as i tried to keep this rubbish out of my content i realised that it is everywhere.