Watching Alansvale

It can’t be easy, being easy. Loose sexual and illegal matters often lead to situations best left alone, at least the majority let them be. Alansvale was known for being pretty easy, not pretty but easy. The local gossip was that the two tower’d building in Alansvale was a hot bed of dubious adult entertainment and illegal behaviour.

• • •

Apartment 2204

Alice was trapped in her rented apartment 2204. The world outside is just that, outside, she is inside. The reason? A virus has arrived and despite claims from complete nincompoops it is serious and deadly to those that are weaker than others. 

• • •

The Tale of an EHO

So another work week begins

Yes, another work week begins as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO), no fucker except an EHO knows exactly what that is though, not even the people I work for. “Environmental Health Officer” is the current name for what used to be known as a health inspector. Of course, I could rattle through the complete and professional description, but hey, we control, reduce, remove and even penalise the impact of humans on each other and the environment. The tale of an EHO at work in Lincoln Point.

• • •

Learning how to kill

Learning how to kill.

The ground was soddened with a mixture of water, blood, manure and moss. Robert felt it all between his toes as he stumbled through the field. He’d be on his way to the bathroom if it wasn’t for his dad Charlie yelling at him to hold up. Robert was very keen on learning how to kill.

• • •

Young lovers looking back

There wasn’t much that could be said. The date had reached its natural conclusion, it wasn’t as either thought it would be. The interrupted coitus spoke volumes about young lovers living at home. Not their home but their parents home. Both had very observant, keenly interfering, slightly prudish oldies and both had rebelled as young folks do every-where, every-time.

• • •

This may be the truth about me

Note from Warren … he’s going to start a personal blog. An outpouring of his deepest held beliefs and thoughts. Please consider this a draft of such literary masterpiece’ry. The first or third person and/or tense may get a bit confusing, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out – alan

• • •

The Doctor and Ralph

My balls hurt, that could be a wonderful start to the next story. The Doctor wanted to write about a realistic scenario and thought that Ralph’s life might be just that. Ralph’s latest outburst may be just the thing. He’s an ageing man that thinks he’ll survive without applying any care. Ralph was wrong of course.

• • •

The tale of the Thing that Happened

The human race had been won. Humans won. They destroyed just about everything on the planet, the planet they called Earth. It was called Noshtfixher by the rest of the Galaxy and if something had survived it didn’t have long to go. The flora, fauna, the air, the water, the ground itself was in dire straights and groaned loudly at the virus like excess of the human’s activity. The never-ending search for space, comfort, one-upmanship, sex, food, and pride. All of these things resulted in a smaller and smaller world for the humans to live in. They were two and half days away from having nothing at all.

• • •
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