Zebra Finches 1 and 2

We are Zebra Finches named 1 and 2. I’m a hen and so is 2. We both live very comfortably, as best as can be expected, in a reasonably large black flight cage on a balcony. It offers a limited view over a part of Alansvale. I’m 1, my friend is 2 and we’re quite spoilt. We look out into our view nearly as much as Alan does, although we have a very different perspective. Sadly we have no cocks to entertain us.

Extra interesting yesterday though, we were both attacked by an angry magpie type bird who was determined to get us both through the cage bars. It landed on the top of the cage and was lunging a large blood stained beak into our world. Alan shot up and shooed this hungry carnivore away. 

Once we knew things were OK we relaxed and carried on with our distraction activities. 2 and I can’t do much other than eating, flying, splashing, preening and repeating. We do it with some cheerful chirping, singing and some very fast fluttering about.  We have races and we’re both very competitive.

Alan has suggested that he might be able to offer us to those in need of company on a short term lend type of an arrangement. We’ve also heard Alan mumbling that this would be difficult to arrange, a nightmare to carry out and he’d be remorseful, so Alan has reservations. 2 and I are keen as we’d like a new view. We’d be pleased to come over to your place, but we think Alan will be hard to convince. 

The Covid19 self isolation can sure cause a range of unique behaviours, at least Alan has retained his normal routine and he laughs a-lot while realising that it’s his self isolation. His TV, his view, his computer are now completely normal, aside from his writing of new content for his website ajmcrawford.com.  We did see him leave the flat however and we think he went for a walk. He came back 20 minutes later puffing and he smelt a bit different.

In respect to this loaning 2 and I out to others, he seems to do that a-lot, he comes up with an idea, wanders about talking to himself and frightening us sometimes. He chuckles about the pros and cons but seems to always land on the cons side, so the idea sits back down into where he found it.

He also fancies himself as a voice over man so it’s often difficult for 2 and I to know who’s in the flat. We only realise later that Alan was sprouting some feedback, commentary or advice to the TV, himself or us. We struggle to tell the difference despite him telling us over and over again.

From our perspective Alan is a strange soul, he has our best intentions at heart but continues to frighten us with his sudden and stealth like appearances and his bursting into song. Both of these are a bit of a shock. If you want to get birds, get babies and train them in your ways, especially if you’re anything like Alan. That might be a long shot we think. We weren’t babies and we’re taking some time to get used to him and his flamboyant ways. 

He’s sat in the computer room / study here in the apartment for a while now today after coming back from the outing and I suspect he’s putting words in my mouth. 2 and I are Zebra Finches, we can’t talk, type, appreciate Alan’s foibles or his body odour. We don’t understand what a voice over man is or what they might do. We can’t do anything except be small, fast, lovely and cheerful in a “bird in a cage” way.

We are Zebra Finches 1 and 2. If we could really talk, type and understand what’s happening around us we’d be very happy, in fact we are and we know that for a fact. Sadly, we’re down to 1 but she remains strong despite two bouts of feeling unwell.