Short Stories, Rants and Observations

Alan Crawford is my name and I’m the author of these short stories, rants, lists and observations. A number of inquisitive people, (namely one), asked how or where the ideas come from. There’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind or weather conditions suit, the computer opens a blank page and so it starts to flow.

While each short story may swim within unpleasant situations, all of the tasty morsels including the rants, lists and observations are aimed at a mature audience. Sadly they may seem to be rather immature at times. Although some of the writings are based on reasonably true events, the rest emerge from a ludicrous imagination and not from a serial killer. The menu offers links to the nonsense. I hope you enjoy whatever you find.

I’ll try my best to finish the stories I’ve left in limbo and against all sensible advice and recent criticism, find time to write more. Some more short stories rants and observations for sure. The joy in doing so, far outweighs the ambivalence shown by my keen yet limited audience. I need to share my work further and grab those eyes so desperately measured by the analytic system.

Above all though, please enjoy my short stories, rants and observations. The about me page presents a reasonably believable explanation of my being. You can find me on socials at @acrawfordsaid and

Three Short Stories has been formatted into an incredibly handy and affordable eBook. Somewhat adult in nature, with gruesome goings on, food safety and some naughty business. You can purchase a copy from:

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Short Story Samples

Randy and his belly

Randy went for a walk this morning, it was 05.45 and it was really lovely. The sunshine warmed his recently shaved head while the gentle breeze flowed across his generous belly like a dew covered spider's web. One that he didn’t want to remove.  ...Read More

The Affair

Linda wasn’t lazy, she’d rehearsed and set her whole routine around reaching the peak performance required. Linda was going to murder her sister and have the Police blame her husband. Linda has seen a few films to learn the how, the when and her response...Read More

The Setting

Today’s setting as opposed to the previous was to be better than before. Rodney didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. He didn’t before and that theme of blissful ignorance just kept on keeping on. Rodney wasn’t even aware who kept settings...Read More

Alan and Nancy

An incredible thing happened, not The Thing that Happened, this was something else. This was to become my interview with a caveman. It began while I was having a cheeky glass or two of beer in a very discreet drinking establishment. I was approached by...Read More


Heather was worried about the pandemic and how she would survive the ineptitude of those running the country. Those that are legally described as allegedly corrupt, (but confirmed in so many cases) the biased, social odd ruling class that filled the membership of the Government....Read More

A poor poem

Not much left to say As my life slips away Fortunes wasted  Squandered cash The careless all tune out Maybe we can laugh Alone without a rhyme  Left to cry alone Smiles abound while keeping time The careless still tune out You’ve let friends move...Read More

The Body in the Basement

Recent Police activities in the building have triggered interest from the local media. There were two issues in the building. First, who was responsible for breaking all of the post boxes open? And the second is the body in the basement. That first crime was the lessor...Read More

Chairman of the Bored

Graham’s life is boring and despite the frightening fact that the world is hanging on by its many gendered finger nails, in Graham’s house it was as slow as a drawn out bowel movement. Although he wasn't the Chairman of the Bored, according to Iggy...Read More

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