Please enjoy these rather odd short stories, rants and observations. The short stories are found here and here while the wild rants, lists and observations are found in other. A small number of inquisitive people, (namely one), asked how or where the ideas come from. There’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind or weather conditions suit, the computer opens a blank page and so it starts to flow. The site is actually overflowing with free flowing nonsense. Regular visitors to the site recommend that you dip your toes into either of the short stories categories, one or two. Samples accessed via the carousel in the side bar.

Three Short Stories

The eBook “Three Short Stories” is adult in nature, with gruesome goings on, food safety and some naughty business. Grab a copy from Apple Books – Smashwords – Amazon KindleKobo – Barnes & Noble

  • Bloodbath – The Gruesome Murders, a man applying a brutal approach to satisfying his needs.
  • Learning to Kill, explores how a professional hitman and his family educate their son.
  • Tale of an EHO (Environmental Health Officer), includes food safety and adult entertainment. With reluctantly good looking food operators, cult like Church leadership and adult entertainment venue ownership. It’s a complicated tale.

While each story may swim within unpleasant situations, all of the tasty morsels including the rants, lists and observations are aimed at a mature audience. Sadly they may seem to be rather immature at times. Although some of the writings are based on reasonably true events, the rest emerge from a ludicrous imagination and not from a serial killer. This about page might present a reasonably believable explanation.