A Workplace fantasy

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Robert didn’t really care and often spoke complete nonsense when he was bewildered. Today was no different, a fantasy unfulfilled. Robert was a rather pompous, thinking himself better than others sort of a soul. He had good reason for thinking this, he was better. He had found his life was now full of people he had no time for and far too often found himself surrounded by dimwitted, underachievers who would be flat out reading a book, let alone understanding what they contained. The fogged up folk he was forced to spend his days with dragged him down some days, but on others stimulated and elevated him to new highs. He always enjoyed the warm glow of self assuredness gleaned from these dip shits. He loved women and had the exaggerated notion that women loved him. Robert wanted to change this situation but found himself trapped by the security of his recently acquired lifestyle.

Hang on a minute

This attempt at writing was going to be a thriller, a slasher horror piece with blood and guts, sex and gore in equal measure. Not a fantasy. It sure wasn’t supposed to be some sort of poorly disguised fantasy of Robert that guy she sort of worked with. Robert was a very complicated man and Annie wondered how she started pouring out this strange introduction. She often just sat at the computer and typed away. She would then follow the unique path this rambling dictated. Annie had no control most times and just edited some sections when they required pulling into line.

She only knew Robert from the odd personal contact at work, such as email, phone and the twice a year gathering. Annie would not know if he thought such grand thoughts of himself. She did know that she would jump his soft edged bones given half the chance and now that she was thinking about this, she warmed in many ways to the idea. The idea seems to have a mind of its own, a bit like her writing style. Annie took a break and with the break satisfied she sat back down at the computer. Distractions abound at the computer and some helped her to focus while other drove her away from her intended task. This distraction was know impossible to ignore.

Annie began again

The night was still and moist with dew and anticipation. The huddled lovers hid from the loudest noise they remember hearing. It came closer and strangely became clearer. The noise was actually a screaming with a word or two now cutting thought the volume. The lovers had chosen an out of the way spot for a bit of spotting and sweating in David’s car. Ruth couldn’t really stretch out but David liked her in a hunched, doubled over position, so both were very happy at how things had been progressing. That was until the noise began.

She thought of Robert again and went outside for a celebratory cigarette. This did nothing to calm her imaginings but it did put a stop to the gymnastic lovemaking ideas she was laying out for David and Ruth. A manual car, bucket seats, a hand brake lever so high it became part of the scene, with a soft top and no air conditioning. She thought that this configuration would do very well in describing a vivid, organic and messy bout of fantasy lovemaking. Something she’d been longing for – for a long time. Robert has an automatic Holden Commodore wagon, with air conditioning and as she hoped, a very hard top. He had to be had and Annie was going to have him.

Annie was completely distracted now and decided to ramp up the nerve to ring Robert and this time actually say something when he answered. The last time she called she could not say a word. This time she had written down some bullet points and general key areas that she had to cover. Lit cigarette, phone and list at the ready, Annie dialled and waited. The imbecile who’s chair required another adult to adjust answered Robert’s phone, as he was busy elsewhere.

Annie couldn’t have this idiot take a message or even know that she’d called, so she hung up again. Damn it … Annie extinguished her fag and stumbled back to the computer and her love liaison in the car, with the noise on its way.

The tale continued

Ruth had a light blue one-piece overall outfit with a zipper and button arrangement down the front. It was designed for actual work and protection of the wearer, but Ruth wore it to provide immediate access without much effort. Aside from some kick arse high heel shoes, that’s all she was wearing.

David liked this outfit and loved to spread his fingers across Ruth’s beautiful breasts as the garment let them break free. The smooth jelly joy that was Ruth’s breasts signalled the loosening of other clothing parts. Ruth had skilfully managed to attack David’s hardening dick which was struggling with the restraint of clothes, the seatbelt and the handbrake. She began her magic and the fantasy grew.

Ruth liked to be in charge and David loved to be her charge, all for free but he would have paid had he been asked. His pants, (under and over) which were now being hastily dragged to the floor got caught in the seat belt buckle which as fate would have it was very unfortunate when they struggled to scramble out of the car. David’s solid glory had shrunk like a burnt flower as Ruth screamed and started dragging him out of the car. David had hoped they make it all the way off but now he was focused on a more pressing matter. The bloody noise was getting very close.

She had managed to open the door as the noise started getting close. David needed help unfolding so he too could climb out and hide behind the low garden wall they’d parked next to. The noise has become so close they felt the wind. The air moving about and being pushed out by the creature thing screaming this noise. Ruth and David struggled to redress the state of undress they were in and closed the access.

The creature thing had just appeared around the back of the car as David was doing up his fly. The noise stopped. The creature was looking for a calm place to sleep and the noise it was making was a scratching, spoken gibberish worthy of a cat, bear and baboon all in one. The creature couldn’t speak english but had heard enough of it in the lab.

A fantasy

“Shit this sounds just like that lab from “The Island of Doctor Moreau” by H.G Wells. Can’t have that.” Annie sat back and realised that as she’d seen and read so much fiction it was unwittingly being dragged into her writing. Dragged like she would like to do to Robert. Annie yelled out loud and picked up the phone. The writing could wait, but the natural urges oozing out of the young woman could not. Robert was blissfully unaware, but became a very keen participant soon enough. The Holden Commodore wagon was never the same after fulfilling their passionate fantasy. It was the first of many.


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