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Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. See menu for the main Short Stories.


A wheelie story

Reading Time: 5 minutesCan you remember when you had the energy? Did you somehow wake up one day and find that you’d lost all of it and find yourself just sitting here wondering why? This is a wheelie story about a man in a chair with wheels. Being a wheelie just watching the world go by wasn’t really a good idea.

“Well, what are you going to do about, you wanker? Just get off your fat arse and do something” Debbie was always proffering such pearls of wisdom and soulful reflection.

She always had the sharpest of point and she made it often. It was always directed straight at poor old fat lazy Steve. He loved her but she really gave him the shits sometimes. They’d been together since the injury. She was the nurse that gave him the strength to get back up. He got back up into a wheelchair, but she really drove him to push and strive for some sort of normality. She’d done a good job and it was a really good wheelie story.

He worked hard

He’d learnt how to manoeuvre about in the chair, how to get in and out of the chair, how to get in and out of the car, how to drive with the hand controls and how to manage to do the so called normal day to day activities. The things those with operational legs take for granted. Things every wheelie must learn for themselves. He’d taken it for granted and it was this initial loss that he need to be shaken out of.

“Come on Steve, get the fuck into the car and we’ll get to practice on time”

Debbie had a colourful way with words and she used language as a tool for motivation. She wasn’t one of those ladies who used emotional blackmail, she just yelled at you and what a yell. When she was court-side at the basketball Steve and all of both teams and their supporters could hear her yelling. She didn’t swear court-side, but she did communicate with force.

Steve’s team was mixed. There were able bodied men and wheelies, paras and one quad. Matt the quad was really good at blocking the opposition as he could get his chair about with amazing speed considering. Today was a wheelie story, a sporting story.

His attitude was pretty blooming amazing as well

Today Debbie was onto Steve about a more personal matter, he’d lost all interest in sex. He could enjoy it for sure, but lately he’d lost the urge and need some extra stimulus. He didn’t know “what kind” or whether it would be a “from who”. Steve couldn’t understand it. Debbie had shown him the sex that was possible while he was still in the spinal injury ward.

It was semi private and oddly fumbling, but it was amazing. He’d never thought it possible when he’d had his accident and as with many spinal injury patients, this aspect of his life worried him greatly.

Many nurses developed relationships with patients, they were warned, but the partying in the ward was legendary. many ex-patients, folks who had wheeled out, returned to teach and support those recent arrivals. Help transition their move from recent patients to recovered ones. Debbie was one of those nurses.

So they packed the car

Steve climbed in dragged the chair in behind him and off they went. The courts were three kilometres away and the mood in the car was tight.

Debbie asked … “So Steve what is it, why have things changed?”

“I don’t know, that’s the problem, it’s not the cliched “it’s me not you” but i just don’t know. Can’t we leave it until after practice?”

“Yeah Ok … is Bill going to be there today?”

“Sure is, he said he was and he’s bringing his new girlfriend”

Bill had the most compensation money out of our group even before he got extra loaded when the family home sold for a record price. A property developer had their eyes on it. Some sort of an amalgamation deal and bill got 4 million dollars for a house that was only worth 6 hundred thousand dollars. That combined with his 14 million dollar compo he was set. A wealthy wheelie.

Bill’s family

They were killed in the accident that broke his back. Bill had a hard road to navigate, but he’d done well and was a cheerful guy, that held his pain well deep inside. He was like most of the wheelies, very good at camouflaging their feelings. He made up for it by shagging some of the most amazing gold diggers his money would attract.

Some were as dumb as two short planks, but even though they provided Bill with the satisfaction he needed, a real relationship eluded him. That was what he wanted most, but he just couldn’t find it. A wheelie story that required an ending.

Debbie liked Bill, everyone did. He had a charm and swagger as he wheeled around that caught everyone’s eye and interest. Debbie had not know bill in the ward, as his injury was about two years prior to her arrival. She did like talking to him about life in and out of a chair. She also liked his car, a black Mercedes 600 sl AMG.

So they arrived at practice

Bill was instructing his new squeeze how to get the chair out of that beautiful car. Wheelie practicalities were learnt. He could do it himself, but he often liked to stretch the injury impact and manipulate his latest sexual conquest. He wasn’t bad, he just liked to stir the pot. Debbie saddle up to him in the car park and gave him a kiss.

“How’ya doing short stuff? … Have you a story?”

“Fine and dandy how’re you and Steve, is he ready to get hot and sweaty?”

“I’d hope so, he’s being a bit fat and lazy this week”

“No wuckers, we’ll get him going, have you met Cheryl? Cheryl this is Debbie, the best rock and roll wheelie nurse from St Pats … She lives with Steve”

“Hi ya, Cheryl offered a bikini model smile while looking confused about things in general”

“Is this right? I can’t get it to go together”

“Yeah, just give it an extra push and you’ll hear the click,  there you go”

Steve just unloaded his shit while smiling at the hello smile from Bill and that extraordinarily good looking bikini model. Wow he thought to himself, Bill had really hit the high bar this time, she’s absolutely amazing. Not just a wheelie story, something for everyone.

The next conversation would add some spark

It would liven up the slow down in Debbie’s sex life. Bill had an idea of a night’s get together that would really bring Steve up off his chair. Debbie quite fancied the idea as well. Cheryl had a thing for four. Would Debbie and Steve like to be two of the four ? They jumped and wheeled about at the opportunity.

Basketball practice seemed to take far too freak’n long that night, but after it was over they all headed to Bill’s unit for some rehabilitation. Cheryl was a real fox and she had a naked body that would help any bugger stand tall. Wheelchair or not. Steve was totally reinvigorated and Debbie was very, very happy. She enjoyed this four-way so much she used the planning of another session to her advantage at home. Steve also liked the new Steve. His fat lazy behaviour had gone. That’s today, a wheelie story.

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