Space Palace Adventure – 4

Moony was born in Australia, on Earth in 2113

In a time of peace and enjoying a lifestyle that was far better than the residents of the northern hemisphere areas described as Europe. In contrast, the Asian economic parts of this planet were in a seriously chunky growth phase and bought up resources from places like Australia, like there was no tomorrow. Indeed there was a tomorrow and Australia’s financial stability was riding on this limited resources boom. It sold all that it had and then slid into an odd decline, of course that didn’t happen until 2202.

• • •

Space Palace Adventure – 3

It began, it happened over and over and over again

Moony was pleasantly surprised at how he managed it. Carol was equally surprised, she was so surprised she screamed it out over and over and over again. Moony as it tuned out was fit, so fit he was a gentle yet forceful fit into the ocean that was Carol. His size did matter and wasn’t Carol appreciative. She lay back in the smouldering module, wet with sweat, passion and tears. This amazing session of sexual gymnastics had only just begun yet Carol had reached orgasm at Moony’s very first touch.

• • •

Space Palace Adventure – 2

As you teetered down the corridors, you came across the rather odd eyes

These eyes were the openings to which the ships computer adjusted those things that needed adjusting. In this space palace adventure the eyes were everywhere, they watched, heard and dealt with anything that wandered about, human or machine. In addition to the eyes, each wall along these access corridors exuded an odour, not dissimilar to a footballer’s change room, or to be more precise, the laundry basket of such a place that had been missed for a few weeks. 

• • •

Space Palace Adventure – 1

A space palace adventure

Three smiles beamed back, one was strained and unsettling, the other two seemed genuine. The only trouble with landing here on-top of this tribe from a long lost time on a very strange planet, was the risk of altering the time space continuum. This drama perpetuated by the common science fiction idiom, is not to upset the timeline, the future or past while applying the star trek mantra – the prime directive, not to interfere with the natural progress of a race, planet or tribe, as it is in this case.

• • •