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2024 Gold Coast Council Elections

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As expected I’ve kept a close eye on the upcoming Gold Coast Council elections. Some of the candidates seem to be a tad slow in getting their required nominations in. They have until February 13 and all will be displayed here at the Qld Electoral Commission. Just use the drop downs to select the electorate Gold Coast then Mayor or Councillor – which requires you to choose which division. I have written and emailed a letter to a number of hopefuls. One has ignored me (so far) and one has actually rung, left a lovely message and since responded with an additional email.

Update 7 March – The one that seemed to ignore me rang weeks later leaving a ring me back message. I’ve already voted and can’t help but notice Tom Tate (via stage managed Council announcements) covering the media with his free campaigning. Also saw this ABC news story: https://tinyurl.com/mus6vhjv

Hello ##### and welcome to the race for CoGC Mayor (or addressed for Councillor position).

I caught a news headline regarding your nomination and have some questions if that’s OK.

Firstly are you a member of a political party? I find it interesting that many candidates don’t declare their political allegiance and some even claim independence, whilst being a member of a political party. These candidates have been found to be LNP members. I hope your political leanings will be laid clear for the electorate.

Secondly, as an avid viewer of Council and Committee meetings I see so much time is wasted with real or perceived Conflict of Interest Declarations. Donna Gates seems to have at least one (sometimes 3) in every committee meeting. Herman had many as well. If Councillors leave the room during discussion and votes, they are hardly representing their community. For example Cr O’Neill had to leave during a major Coolangatta high rise development debate and vote.

How will you juggle any conflict / benefit issues with Council decisions.

Thirdly, I seek your response what seems to be my quest 😉 … I have asked Council to stop the reading of a Christian Prayer, and to replace this personal choice with a broad statement of value or purpose as other Councils have done. Namely, one that can be considered to include all Gold Coasters, regardless of faith or culture. The personal faith of the Mayor and/or Chairperson should, and does not represent the views / beliefs of the City.

I have also asked that they remedy the lack of an Acknowledgment of Country being read at each full Council meeting. This deliberate omission can be considered disrespectful.

Many thanks and good luck with your campaign. I look forward to your reply.


I also aired this concern Mastodon:

#CityofGoldCoast #Councillor #RyanBayldonLumsden has claimed he will contest the 2024 #CoGC Council election despite being charged with and yet to stand trial for, #murder. The only trial outcome which would justify the time and the money involved in his running (from all involved) is a complete exoneration, charges dismissed. Surely anything else warrants a continuation of his current suspension.

Let’s see how things pan out for all concerned.

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