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Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

I have to complain

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As I’ve got older I’ve perfected a wide range of curmudgeonly behaviours. One obvious outlet for this behaviour are the interactions I’ve been forced to complain about. I apply a high level of enthusiasm. I list some details here:

Noise from my neighbour, the Service Station

Hello ****, 

Below is a copy of the email I’ve sent to PFD Foods delivering this morning to ******

I rang the location and advised the employee of my concerns, remarkably when I asked who it was delivering, he quoted security concerns ? and would not tell me. I climbed though my garden and took a photo over the fence so I could contact them directly. I asked that my concerns be logged in the locations records. I ask that all suppliers to this location be advised that neighbours appreciate consideration when all deliveries are made. 

Thank you and I look forward to discussing this further.



Hello PFD Foods Gold Coast,

I have to raise an issue with you regarding this morning’s delivery to the recently renovated *****. Your driver parked closest to the homes which surround the garage and allowed his refrigerator’s compressor to race at what appeared to be at full speed for more than 45 minutes.

The noise and constant tone emitted by this unit filled my house, enough to wake us.  

For future deliveries could you please arrange for the vehicles to park closest to the roadside of the forecourt and if possible turn the compressor down (or off) while the delivery is taking place. 

I accept that deliveries have to happen and that noise from various activities will take place but the level and duration of this morning’s delivery was too much, it was too loud and too long. 

I have received a initial response from **** but still waiting on PFD Foods.

Update – I sent an email 27 June 2023 08.00 due to no reply from PFD Foods

Hello PFD, I’m surprised by the complete lack of response offered by the Gold Coast office, although past experience should lead me to believe they are incapable, or simply don’t care.   

Is this really how you want to portray your business, just ignore the public when they have concerns.

Alan Crawford

Well today’s email hit the spot, a phone call, a conversation and a great response from PFD Foods.

HI Alan see comments below (in italics) my Transport Manager regarding the delivery.

Plz let me know if it does not happen. Again appreciate the feedback .

regards ***

Have spoken to driver to turn off fridge motor or park on other side of site away from the residential side

Aged Care Home (name withheld) and a very difficult parent

Emails in order first to last: I received a call from the Hospital 22 June seeking to organise an Anaesthetist’s appointment. The Aged Care home or Doctor did not cancel the appointment. I rang and did so to find that it can be held in suspension should a change of mind occur. Promises made and failure to deliver, sadly a common outcome in aged care it seems.

Hi Alan, 8 June 14.56

I’m ******, one of the RNs at ***, *****. We received your email regarding *** surgery at Mater hospital. *** is stating that he will only go for the surgery if you are coming with him. We can of course arrange QAS transfer for him. But he needs an escort and he wouldn’t go without you.
Please make a decision and let us know.
Thank you,

Hello and thank you, 8 June 15.30

I will not be able to accompany him but can book an escort if he agrees, otherwise we accept his decision of refusing surgery. I do appreciate your help.

Hi Alan, 10 June 07.08
Thank you for your response. Yes, *** is refusing to attend to the surgery without you. So we will inform ***’s GP and cancel the surgery appointment as you have also mentioned that, if he is not agreed to go with agency escort, “we accept his decision of refusing surgery”.  
Please contact us if you aren’t agree with above information or if you need any further assistance.
Thank you,

Thank you, 10 June 07.20

I agree and that this is the outcome he has created.  Pls cancel, or if possible, postpone the surgery to a date to be requested.  

City Of Gold Coast (Council) Meeting Agenda now grown into it’s own post
It continues:
South Coast Radiology’s unbelievable incompetence

I had to find a new Doctor and Medical Imaging location. I chose South Coast Radiology at Burleigh Waters. I regret that decision and recommend you stay away from the entire company if that location and the customer contact centre is any guide to future performance.

I needed to use a referal (a con job of the highest order, just like a tow truck spotters fee) issued for another provider and my previous Doctor. After much discussion they agree to do the required Cortisone Injection but needed an Ultra Sound Imaging first to confirm the location, details etc. No problem they book an Ultra Sound using the same referal which was conducted by a very friendly, professional radiologist and then booked the Ultra Sound guided injection.

So far no problem, but here’s where the incompetence starts:

I turn up for the booked injection and fill out the pre procedure form. Have you had a Covid Vaccine within 14 days, yes I have. They then tell me after I get into the room that they won’t do the injections because of that.

“NO ONE” told me that this would be a barrier to having the procedure. I arranged week of appointments, trades people etc because of this appointment, to find I can’t have the treatment.

I was asked if I wanted to rebook and I replied that I had to consider that against other factors, mainly that I had the irits big time and was seriously annoyed. I counted to ten a thousand times and rang to book an appointment. No problem, booked.

During this call, another barrier to having the treatment was revealed. I was told do not drive, have someone drive you. “NO ONE” told me that for the first booking, so even without the Covid shot they may have have denied me.

So, I ring the location direct to discuss my rescheduled booking to then be told that the initial referal had expired (due to the delay caused by their incompetence) so they couldn’t accept it for the injection booking, but of course NO ONE told me that until I rang to confirm the booking, after rearranging my time. I could well have turned up to be turned away again.

Adding to their incompetence is the fact the images take 8 days to appear on their app and the report some 4 days later, WTF? “Untucking-believable”

The Google Review triggered a response:

Response from the owner 27 June 2023 10.00

Hi Alan, Thank you for your feedback regarding your experience. We value patient feedback and assure you that all feedback from our patients is taken very seriously. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience you experienced with us and hope to offer you better services in the future.

We assure you that your feedback has been sent to the appropriate senior services manager for further review. If you have any further comments please email feedback@scr.com.au. Thank you, South Coast Radiology.

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