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Alan Crawford presents twisted short and some longer stories for adults, with quite a number of his rants and observations as well.

Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

Ranting again sorry

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere is something odd about modern life, just what the blazes that is, is beyond me. I’ve tried to understand, I’ve given it my best shot, but alas it eludes me. The addiction I have to understanding, only makes things worse. I’m ranting again sorry.

I’ve covered this conundrum in other posts, but it seems to becoming more confusing, this round and round thinking is dizzying in it’s itself. I have come to realise that the occupants of this planet, or at least from the tiny, speck like bits of information i’m privy to, are turning in on themselves. The faith based fanaticism screwing supposedly “individual souls” into drones of others, with a far wider and sinister agenda, seems to be becoming mainstream.

I don’t really know why this is alarming me so, it’s everywhere, everyday but thankfully not everyone just yet. So when I sit and relax over a weekend break and think, something I do too much, less thinking and more living is the answer I think, I realise just how silly we are.

One tangible and most obvious (at least to me  aspect, is that within Australia where I live, we are fast becoming a clone of American media, their newly acquired, well stolen actually, style is laced with:

  • Ridiculously fast, overly colourful and noisy graphics, swiping about the place
  • Depth of field ( slightly out of focus ) people or items of interest, in the background
  • Supposed “live crosses” to nothing except a street where something happened 6 hours ago
  • The “we care” nods and full time nodders behind politicians that have their shirt sleeves rolled up

Shit, they are trying and succeeding to frighten the living “beejesues” out of the population while distracting this great unwashed from the real issues that they should be frightened about. I suggest that what they should be frightened about and do something about is:

  • Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Lack of love (in most cases complete hatred )
  • The environment
  • The disadvantaged
  • The corrupt
  • Lack of fairness
  • Complete lack of justice
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Fraud
  • Lies
  • Mis-directed faith
  • Choice (of all kinds)
  • Obscenity
  • Health
  • Populist radio voices and television faces, denying science, facts or common decency
  • Screaming buffoons that first create and then re-enforce a swell of general ignorance

Time to relax now, just what was I thinking ?

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I'm an increasingly grumpy old fart posting rants, observations and trying to write somewhat twisted short and slightly longer stories for adults. All rights reserved unless otherwise credited © Alan Crawford - 2024

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11/04/2011 15:57

Feel better now? 🙂

11/04/2011 17:18
Reply to  ElizOF

yes, all better now .. thanks elizof 😉

11/04/2011 09:34

Sadly, somewhere along the way the “train wrecks” have become an all encompassing obsession of the masses regardless of the locality. I blame the downfall of multiple cultures on the invention of the “talkies”. =) Honestly, though, feeding hate, intolerance, stupidity, and ignorance just breeds more of the same….focus on the positive needs to happen before we all end up gnawing our arms off to escape for the sake of sanity. xo =)

11/04/2011 17:19
Reply to  Jewell

thanks jewell, i’ve gnawed away and i’m typing with one arm. i still have two hands though ? .. 😉

Sweepy Jean
11/04/2011 00:25

Oh, you are so right, the politics of fear used to keep us from dealing with what’s really wrong. Keep ranting, let’s all rant!

11/04/2011 06:25
Reply to  Sweepy Jean

rants all round sweepy and i say ..:)

10/04/2011 23:18

Damn Alan…Why do you think America is the most violent nation on Earth? From our movies, to our military, we Americans a busily kicking the shit out of something. American Media is the cause, keeping everyone in a proper climate of fear. Not so up there with our Northern neighbors; Canadian media, far less scary.
That was a good one. Well it was good for me – hope it was good for you.

11/04/2011 00:20
Reply to  Hansi

It’s true about Canadian media. I try to switch back to a Canadian station before Detroit’s news comes on. The stories coming out of there are just incredible – all crime, violence and corruption with little mention of the underlying problems (like unemployment and homelessness) that plague the city.

11/04/2011 06:24
Reply to  Kara

yes to you two .. the michael moore film ( 911 f ) highlighted this very fact, canada has more guns and used to leave their doors open – far less frightened and far less violent .. 🙂

10/04/2011 18:56

You know my feelings on TV young man. The world is a sad place, the media has a lot to answer for. The terrible sterotyping always makes me sick. Man with mental health illness kills etc forgetting to mention that your more likely to be hurt by someone without a mental health problem ;(

11/04/2011 06:21
Reply to  baldychaz

yes we supposed non affected have a lot to answer for .. it is the messengers who should be shot .. 🙂

Sonia Rumzi
10/04/2011 17:27

Please rant all you want. Keep doing it. Thank you!

10/04/2011 18:23
Reply to  Sonia Rumzi

cheers sonia .. i’ll try .. 😉

Justice Calo Reign
Justice Calo Reign
10/04/2011 15:46

Neuroplasticity tells us that we can actually rewire and reform the structure of our brains based on what we pay attention to, the choices we make and the behaviors we engage in.. So keep on thinking.. but think about your own incredible qualities, virtues, characteristics and strengths and how you can use them to change the world for the better. Yes.. The TV may be trying to reprogram you to fear, but our own programming is so much more powerful than anything that can be done to us! 😉 Stop by and Share Your Strengths with us for Share Your Strengths Sunday! Take the first step to keeping your power in your own mind!

10/04/2011 16:15

thank you justice .. i’ll do just that, i hope that i can use my thinking for a positive outcome, but my experience shows me otherwise .. 🙂 i’m relatively happy, sometimes although decreasing in occasions, ridiculously so !!

10/04/2011 13:19

I just don’t watch the commercial stations news hour. Saying that even the ABC is going in that direction. All bright lights and sparkles with no substance.
Just watch the documentaries. Or go on Youtube.


10/04/2011 16:12
Reply to  Alejandro

world’s fattest cat videos aren’t going to help – ajg .. 😉

Jessica Mokrzycki
10/04/2011 12:29

I agree…too many of us are being distracted by the real issues. Not sure how to solve that! There’s never an easy solution. We need to teach our children to be critical thinkers and think for themselves.

10/04/2011 16:11

i hope that’s right but the generation i thought would fix the problem, have in fact started to be the problem .. ;(

Roy Durham
10/04/2011 12:15

have a pint or foster and try it again. i am sure it will come out the the same. lol great post. i think old mother earth is a little disturb by it all too.

10/04/2011 12:21
Reply to  Roy Durham

cheers roy .. i’d need quite a few 😉

10/04/2011 12:10

I apologize in place of my country’s media, who refuse to see the truth – Hold out as best you can.

10/04/2011 12:20
Reply to  Anna

apology accepted – thanks anna 😉

Lady Estrogen
10/04/2011 12:09

It could be worse – AUS could become a clone of the UK and it’s highest importance is what BigBrother “star” was spotted at any one particular time & what they ate for dinner.
(Sound of my brains splatting on the wall) Swwwwww-plllaaaaaa.
Australia, I love you, truly.

10/04/2011 12:20
Reply to  Lady Estrogen

“omg” i love big brother .. sorry that’s the sound of me trying to be funny ;(

Mary Hudak-Collins
10/04/2011 12:09

Rant away! Eventually, someone, somewhere will hear the people’s words and do something about it! It’s a shame that it has to come to that though:(

10/04/2011 12:19

i just wish that could be so .. thanks mary – i like seeing your face about the place as well .. 😉

10/04/2011 12:05

Unfortunately your country is not the only one! Bringing in new things or features is just a way of covering up or camouflaging what must not be seen, heard or questioned.
We have become to afraid to think for ourselves!

10/04/2011 12:18
Reply to  Yogasavy

yes it’s all about the disguise .. 😉 cheers ms yoga

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