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Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

Smile for the camera

Reading Time: 2 minutesI’m going to get all academic on your ass. No not really, but in thinking about things today I was reminded of my view on the view of CCTV cameras. Closed circuit television cameras. Today’s society is becoming used to the fact that they’re around and some may even think, feeling safer, about them watching our every move, well not every one but just the important ones. Smile for the camera.

The bad guys and girls that break the law should have a lot to fear, well that’s if they fear getting caught, while those who work in so called high or even low risk workplaces should feel safer. Idiots come in to rob the place and all the ridiculously placed cameras record is an incredibly blurred shot of the head of “some goombert” from some ninety-eight metres away.

Why the “mother truckin hell” are they they like that ? Who decided that we wouldn’t know they’re there, or even that the somewhat disguised fools wouldn’t know. The sheer silliness of their placement in these high or low risk workspaces where innocent workers get robbed, bashed and worse by loonies looking for a quick buck, is up for some serious rethinking me thinks.

So the topic for today dear reader, is posed in question form:

  • Would you agree to be recorded, as in a clear face height, full face, front on digital video of your good self, as you walked in to the business.
  • Would you agree to have a video, same details as in face height, full face of your good self as you make your purchase, those sly adulteress contraceptive purchases may have to be a bit more discrete.
  • Would you then as a condition of entry, by reading the unmistakably obvious signage as you entered, agree to this process.
  • Knowing that the right of access to these recording is only permitted via a court warrant and only pertinent to an actual crime.

The camera lens would be and should befairly and squarely pointed at the faces of those entering, those making a purchase and those dropkicks that decide to rob with or without violence. This activity will be captured by a bomb proof, paint proof, damage of any kind proof camera housing built into the shop fitting stuff.

No need to think that no-one knows the cameras are there. Highlight the shit out of them and make sure everybody knows that it’s happening. Some would be hidden of course.Here’s a personal view on CCTV cameras. So when you go to the store, service station, video store or local dodgy hot dog stand – be prepared to be captured on video and be pleased about it, please.

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Mary Hudak-Collins
19/04/2011 21:52

I always smile for the camera, especially if I don’t like the place I’m at 🙂 Then I give my special smile, heehee
Love the creativity of the guys in the video! Thought that was a great idea.

20/04/2011 06:23

special smile ? …;) – photo please !!

16/04/2011 22:31

Answer to 1 & 2: Hell Yes I’d agree. But only if they paid me to be in their video. You see, I’m a “Reality Star”, I want Union wages. People pay good money to watch ‘reality shows’ that feature people making asses of themselves. I wanna be paid for being me. That’s why whenever I get in line at the Bank, I make sure I always scratch my ass vigorously, and arrange the “boys” in plain, well-lite view.

20/04/2011 06:22
Reply to  Hansi

your boys are one lucky batch of stuff .. 😉

16/04/2011 18:05

wow.. that alien is awesome. but what the frick was with the cops smoking? weird.

16/04/2011 18:36
Reply to  Torkona

it is amazing ain’t it – cheers tork .. how’s the countdown coming along ?

16/04/2011 17:52

I fear the UK has pretty much the highest amount of cctv per population. I would not mind having my face captured when entering shops and making a purchase. I would however be worried about the cost of all those broken camera’s 😉

16/04/2011 18:35
Reply to  baldychaz

there is a reason for that charles .. you didn’t get rid of all your criminals to australia .. 😉

16/04/2011 17:07

haha I saw that vid about a month ago. Excellent!
I’m smiling for the camera. oops better put my pants back on.


16/04/2011 18:34
Reply to  Alejandro

please do that ajg .. quickly 🙂

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