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Alan Crawford presents twisted short and some longer stories for adults, with quite a number of his rants and observations as well.

Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

tbaoo is angry

Reading Time: 2 minutestbaoo is angry, I’ve had enough and to quote a famous movie line “I can’t take it any more”. In fact I think I’ve exhausted the repertoire of silliness, sarcasm, irony, cheeky shit and sheer bullshit that tbaoo has become. Lately though, it’s a poor shadow of what it was and I don’t really like what it has become. So what ? Well, I’ve got to get some new material.

I will relax for a while and try to get re-enthused, excited and not just filling in this valuable space for the sake of it or ( with the upmost respect ) fishing for comments from those who are generous to leave some. I will calm down eventually, but I leave you for now with this angry list.

  • I hate doctors who can’t do their fucking job or even communicate to real humans.
  • I hate television stations that bombard us real humans with absolute crap, every day and night and then wonder why they are losing money hand over fist.
  • I hate newspapers that still haven’t seen the light and persist in printing crap ( quote from our australian pm ) and wonder why they are going belly up even quicker than the shitty television stations, except for “ch 7” in Australia. Note to alan, their product is still shit.
  • I hate australian radio stations that want to emulate the Americans “knob in mouth” shock jock radio buffoons, such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Oh and guess what, these radio stations are going broke as well.
  • I hate that the great unwashed watch and read and listen to this unadulterated rubbish and why do they think it’s real or news or even 1% accurate ?
  • I hate that local, state and federal politicians suck so badly, well it’s because we pay them nothing and the great unwashed get the political representatives they deserve, they believe the shit they see, read and listen to, they even listen to themselves. Democracy is wasted on the great unwashed.
  • I hate that we ( unwashed or not ) are regularly surprised at how corrupt and vile big business and world finance really is.
  • I hate that there are people criticising who someone loves, or how they love. What is it about this fantastic tale that gives them a better understanding of science, life, love, relationships and morals. They really need to shut the fuck up. Yes, I see the irony, but I’m not interfering in their lives, just reacting to their interference.
  • See I told you I was mad.
  • I hate this next bit … why is it that Alan thinks anyone gives a damn about his ramblings, nonsense, humour (spelt correctly you silly Americans )  or even thinks that it’s worth the trouble to push this tirade out into the “alarmingly troubled” cyber space that is the internet. And yes you Americans, the word internet has two of the letter “t” in it, try pronouncing them.

Thank you I’ll go and rest now.

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I'm an increasingly grumpy old fart posting rants, observations and trying to write somewhat twisted short and slightly longer stories for adults. All rights reserved unless otherwise credited © Alan Crawford - 2024

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13/12/2011 00:04

“passes tbaoo a beer” and now that you’ve got that off your chest…relax and recharge my friend…we’ll still be around waiting to read what you have to say. 😀 Cheers!

14/12/2011 18:23
Reply to  cath

thanks cath, beer drunk and looking for another ..;) and i’ve refocused myself i think.

Dangerous Linda
11/12/2011 21:28

i’m speechless, but wanted you to know i’m ‘listening’ XO

12/12/2011 16:49

thanks linda – i appreciate it 😉

John T.
John T.
11/12/2011 14:14

Sometimes venting out your frustrations gives you are a real relief. The thing may not be a barricade in our life but there are things that frustrate us. Good that you have vented them off. I think you must take a break from blogging and enjoy some time out.

11/12/2011 15:20
Reply to  John T.

thanks john t .. that’s what i’ll be doing while trying to write some real bloggy type stuff 🙂

11/12/2011 01:48

Right On George…Right On Alan!

11/12/2011 15:19
Reply to  Hansi

thanks hansi .. i’ve loads of your wisdom to catch up on 😉

10/12/2011 04:17

A lot of us care what you think and many of us feel the same way,but it won’t be long till you can’t get a paper version ..Keep sharing your knowledge that will surely benefit your readers. Good job!

10/12/2011 07:19
Reply to  Shalani

cheers shaman … i’ll be back 🙂

09/12/2011 22:31

But what do you really think, Alan? Plenty of us care what you think and many of us feel the same way. Not all us Amer’cans r ignit, as George Carlin shows. I miss him.

10/12/2011 07:19
Reply to  Adriene

thanks adriene .. 🙂 what i really think is …………

07/12/2011 15:43

Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring post your giving a lot of benefit to your readers..

07/12/2011 18:26
Reply to  Pamie

thanks pamie, although i seem to be getting a lot of very similar feedback .. cheers 🙂

Rachel & Pokey
07/12/2011 13:19

Excellent venting, sir! 🙂 I totally agree about TV, ads, etc. That is why I don’t have one. I watch what I want commercial free on DVD and get my news online (and sometimes in print – sorry, I like a paper copy still).

07/12/2011 18:24
Reply to  Rachel & Pokey

thanks to both of you, but it won’t be long till you can’t get a paper version .. 🙂

executive gifts
07/12/2011 01:39

I appreciate this post. Keep sharing your knowledge that will surely benefit your readers. Good job!

07/12/2011 06:38

interesting reaction .. i’ll keep sharing – thanks

Mary Hudak-Colllins
06/12/2011 02:18

Great vent tbaoo! I’m glad I’m here and not there LOL. You must be having a really bad time with Americans and their spelling lately??? I’m American and I spell correctly. It may just be coincidence that they are American and don’t know shit when it comes to vocabulary! And hey…don’t even want to get me started on doctors…
Love it bud. Thanks for posting!

07/12/2011 06:38

ah ah 🙂 – thanks for your support mary

05/12/2011 13:53

Feels great to vent doesn’t it? I could add to a couple of your hates. Dr’s HA!! We spend 30+ mins in their waiting rooms, put into another room to wait another 20 mins. Then the Dr walks in and spends 5 mins with us! Seriously !! Really!!

Who, how you love someone is between the two in love… I agree I hate those judgmental non -loving arses!! I also agree they need to STFU..

Ha-ha I was terrible at spelling and grammar,(LOL and I write a blog)spell-check is my amigo!

George Carlin has a great sense of humor 😛

07/12/2011 06:37
Reply to  debbie

yes debbie .. i had a need to vent and spray and yell .. 😉 hopefully all out now

05/12/2011 00:29

Wow sir I have to agree with all of the above and dont get me started on Dr’s i have to deal with em at work as well. A robot would have more warmth and empathy then most of em.

07/12/2011 06:36
Reply to  baldychaz

i don’t know if i could work with them .. cheers baldy 🙂

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