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Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

They do what

Reading Time: 2 minutesA complete state of disbelief has taken over the normally calm, collected, refrained and sober tbaoo. What horse swaggling nonsense are the Americans up to now, or more to the point still doing ?  They do what.

Yes, still doing. I often comment about the sheer brilliant stupidity of some Americans, but the fact that so called glitz child beauty pageants are still be conducted frazzles the crap out of me, what are they thinking, the hair, the makeup, the false teeth sets, eyelashes, padding, spray tans and the diets. What the truck is going on when a tiny child is forced onto a diet (bymother looks like  4 trucks worth, a cow of behemoth proportions), so she (I did say a tiny girl ) can fit into a 1950’s dancehall hooker’s cocktail gown.

Is this a republican conspiracy to dumb down the population and sexualise the nation’s youth, hey forget youth, they’re babies. The sheer gross out nature of this unique feature of American life holds no dignity. The parents must gather the prize money like a glossed up, purple full length coat wearing, gold toothed pimp, driving a Cadillac from 1970.

The sad fact of life, as highlighted by a blogging friend recently, is that no images of babies, children, youths or even yourself, is safe from deviant twangers who get their jollies being so depraved. They do deserve a severe prison welcome. Yes they deserve treatment but only after they get treated by their new masters in cell block.

I’m mad, amazed, shocked and then again not, America is a wide land, full of all sorts of people, but why, oh why, do they flaunt themselves and force their children into such despicable acts. Check out this video, yes i know i’m posting such material, but i’ve kept my blogging friend’s link out of this rubbish, because I don’t want his sensible, thoughtful post to be misconstrued by a blind link association to material such as this.

In fact harass the cable channel TLC, don’t buy anything advertised on the program and send letters, emails, piles of horse crap and steaming hot dog turds to the producers of such exploitative rubbish. Of course, I don’t condone causing harm upon anyone.

Here’s some unsolicited advice to the parents, those making money from them and those who sponsor them. Don’t.

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07/02/2011 06:16

thanks you charles .. i too am amazed but i suppose not really shocked by what humans do to others, even their so called loved ones .. ;(

Charlie Sadler
07/02/2011 04:25

Sadly after reading this post whilst browsing for inspiration for my own I came across another sad story around children and what parents can subject them to.

Charlie Sadler
07/02/2011 03:25

One of the saddest and most frightening things on TV. Have sadly watched it, at first I was convinced it was a satirical TV show. when the slow terrible realisation that this was real hit me I felt naused and repulsed. How such things are not only allowed but popular is something out of a victorian nightmare. It is not for me to judge societys but this is from a country who seems always willing to do so.

Rhyme Me a Smile
29/01/2011 10:45

I refuse to watch the videos you posted because those pageants make me so irritated and… well, I prefer to keep smiling. :o) Just wanted to say you are sooooooooo right! Where does a 300lb mom get the nerve to put her elementary school daughter on a diet?!?!?!?!

29/01/2011 11:00

i agree it’s better not to watch .. ;(

29/01/2011 09:25

And we were just gearing up for our first ever beauty pageant!!!

All I can say is: wow

29/01/2011 11:04
Reply to  Kristy

oops ..

28/01/2011 13:28

Oh yeah, UGH!!!! I actually watched part of the show last night (hangs head in shame) since my sociological side was repulsed and yet intrigued by the whole affair! I believe the fake teeth the 3 year old was wearing are called rippers??? Ewh. . . One dad bribed his tiny daughter with $100 to get up on stage because “she likes money ya know.” As a parent, all I can say is disgusting.

28/01/2011 13:38
Reply to  Pamela

ah ah , could it be that people with a sociological side are really to blame .. no !! it’s just the repulsion that hooks people in to watching, the way the parents act, is a completely different matter ;(

28/01/2011 09:55

Well Tbaoo…as usual I might have to remind you that Americans really shouldn’t be lumped in together…. =)

Frankly, I’m with you on this….though I think this can’t really be mushed together with Republicans or Democrats, because, frankly, this is something that is it’s own kind of fucked up. When I see an advertisement for “Toddlers and Tiaras” I get severe, nerve rattling, almost hospitalization level willies….it is one of THE creepiest things I have EVER not watched…. Commercials that creep me out THAT much don’t get anywhere near my TV time slots…

28/01/2011 11:18
Reply to  Jewell

yes of course jewell .. you’re 100% correct, i teased everyone with the american and republican snippets in there. 😉 … this rubbish is taking the world by storm and that includes, i’m sad to say, australia.

29/01/2011 00:31
Reply to  Jewell

Jewell….You can lump us Americans together, just make it boy-girl, boy-girl. Furthermore, “Toddlers” is just another reality show, so get upset about reality, NOT, American TV. Anyway, we get all our good shit from the Brits, who sanitize their BBC shows by removing the frequent “F” word and references to arses and bums, so they can export it to us.

29/01/2011 07:34
Reply to  Hansi

%$&&!! – &^$$& – 🙂

28/01/2011 04:51

I love it. Only in America can they have a show just for pedophiles and fat moms torturing their children for not being as ugly as them.

28/01/2011 07:38
Reply to  Hansi

oh no .. we must have ugly children – priceless . 🙁

Mary Hudak-Collins
28/01/2011 03:31

OMG! All I can say is that little girl in the second video should count her blessings that I’m not her mother! I can only imagine what she is going to be like in 5 or 10 yrs.
After watching the first video, I think that some of those parents need to be tarred and feathered! And people wonder where Anorexia and Bulimia come from…

28/01/2011 07:37

yes – the admission that she looks like a midget prostitute really rings home true for me.

28/01/2011 01:14

I can’t see the video – it’s been blocked for UK on copyright grounds. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids. Too many parents trying to live their dream through their kids and in creating miniature Beauty Queens they are creating miniature trolls.

28/01/2011 07:36
Reply to  SJ

it’s a shame you can’t see it – i was dumbfounded that this parenting behaviour still exists, i’m told it’s spreading and heading to the uk ..oh dear.

Jorie Pacli
27/01/2011 20:19

Alright Alan, I see your point here… We live in a world full of greed and selfish intentions… Some people resort to this kind of situation – making use of their children for profit – the thing that I extremely abhor…

27/01/2011 20:48
Reply to  Jorie Pacli

yes jorie, too much greed and selfish intentions – 🙁

Susan Deborah
27/01/2011 19:08

Dear Tbaoo:

I hear you. I despise beauty pageants and cannot imagine children going through such gruelling procedures just because there is a “grand” tag of a beauty queen at the end of it.
It is distressing to see happenings as these and it is even more troblesome to find that pageants as these are growing popular like wild fire.

What can be done?

Joy always,

27/01/2011 19:22
Reply to  Susan Deborah

grand money earner for the parents, but look out when these queens grow up .. ;(

27/01/2011 19:06

my wife loves this show man.. it is very sad. what’s even more sadder is that I sometimes get myself watching it too. *sigh*

27/01/2011 19:21
Reply to  Tork

i caught a news item/promo for toddlers and tiaras today, that’s what set me off .. 🙂

27/01/2011 17:02

Oh boy! That is so wrong! I think Jumbo is getting exactly what she deserves..
I’d be checking her girls scalp for 666. I was sure near the end of second vid her head was going to spin 360 degrees.

Cheers I am so glad at who I have as a daughter.

27/01/2011 17:51
Reply to  Alejandro

she is 4 years old and sounds like ( and is treated like ) madona, or celine dion .. holy crap

27/01/2011 16:53

Yikes. First it was the oah Cyrus launching her sexy lingerie line (bear in mind she’s a 9-year-old, Miley Cyrus’ baby sister)… now this???

Madness. Sparta was more sane, really.

But hey I blame the mainstream media. They’re the most powerful brainwashing tool in the world.

27/01/2011 17:50
Reply to  THREE

the media are just farming the bias of the great unwashed that support them .. thank you mr murdoch

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