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Alan Crawford presents twisted short and some longer stories for adults, with quite a number of his rants and observations as well.

Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

What do I like

Reading Time: < 1 minuteSomeone asked me today what do I like ? Or what makes me happy. Well ain’t that a question. I gave it a nano second to think up a reply. So here goes, it’s a bit like my manifest or my rant list, but hey a post is overdue and I now have electricity.

We had a mother truck’n storm this afternoon and my bride was extremely frightened, even more than the dogs. Shit scared i’d think, the thunderstorms we get aren’t as bad as the tornadoes in the US, but they really bang on big time and light up the sky. My lovely dinner was already for heat and then of course the power went out, so I arrived home to a candle light interlude, but the power returned, so we are all fine now. The interlude will have to wait.

So what makes me happy:

  • Good live music
  • Good live theater
  • Good films
  • Good quality television
  • Great clothes, as determined by me, not the idiots that mumble about with enough cliches to kill
  • Great cars
  • Great motorcycles
  • Great scenery, but not too long spent looking at it, i.e 5 days looking at the expanse and sitting in a chair – too much
  • Great food, although my secret job has ruined my love of eating out
  • Travel
  • 5 star
  • Good open, honest, worldly, accepting, free thinking people
  • Candle light interludes

If you’ve a like, why not leave it below in the comments. Good night and where are the matches ?

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I'm an increasingly grumpy old fart posting rants, observations and trying to write somewhat twisted short and slightly longer stories for adults. All rights reserved unless otherwise credited © Alan Crawford - 2024

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09/05/2011 23:08

Super list sir, me i like a good film, book, time with those i love, walk in the woods, violent vidoe games and smoking 😉

10/05/2011 06:33
Reply to  baldychaz

violent video games and smoking – that explains a lot ..:)

iPad 2 review - watch before you get one
iPad 2 review - watch before you get one
12/05/2011 09:07
Reply to  baldychaz

Great review! You actually covered some great things in your post. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, it’s very great 🙂

09/05/2011 18:56

thank you very much to everyone .. when the money comes rolling in i’ll be visiting each and everyone of you to spread the likes about .. big – soon to be wealthy – cheers

09/05/2011 11:46

I like what you like. Awesome post!

04/05/2011 12:46

Oh yes! To good food and great scenery and great company while staying at a 5 star hotel!!!! LOL (I have yet to do all of the above at a 5 star hotel 🙂

04/05/2011 06:26

Well…well….well….a happy rant type post! =) Nice work there Tbaoo! =) I have to agree with you on the motorcycles, and the scenery (though I tend to be able to appreciate it longer than you), the good food (so long as I’m not cooking it…always tastes better when someone else cooks), and of course what you said about the “rotten mongrel” though I have more colorful words to use for him. The only think that I could add would be quiet (inside and out) and my camera. =) xo

Larry Lewis
04/05/2011 01:10

Being the sad muppet i am, i like, no love, weight training, and another form of exercise which requires female participation and lots of perspiration

Lady Estrogen
04/05/2011 00:12

Travel – 5 star – it’s the only way… not that I’d know, but I’m sure it is! LOL

03/05/2011 22:58

You left out sex…but maybe that was obviously stated in the graphic.

03/05/2011 19:34

Ok A good pair of gorgeous shoes!

Jessica Brant
03/05/2011 19:30

I like you Happy List I shall stand beside you on these…

03/05/2011 19:57
Reply to  Jessica Brant

big cheers jessica – 😉

03/05/2011 19:25

Well I say, Nice likes and a beautiful rant for the hog wash that is Mans Religiosity. Personally I like a nice Red whilst being massaged by 3 women. Oh the memories!


03/05/2011 19:56
Reply to  Alejandro

memories indeed .. cheers mr ajg

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