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Alan Crawford presents twisted short and some longer stories for adults, with quite a number of his rants and observations as well.

Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

Knife cutting through the air

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe atmosphere at work is like a “knife cutting through the air” tense. The ongoing oddness is intensifying. No one knows why and as a result no one could offer a remedy. This didn’t worry me though, I blustered on regardless. That’s me though creative mischief, relaxed bantering, cheerful repose, while laughing at the most serious of matters.

The folk surrounding my space are less than cheerful. It’s Friday and it’s the last day of work before a 2 week vacation, it won’t be time away from home but will be time away from work. This morning was the last alarm wake up call for 2 weeks. I can’t go into specifics, well in fact I don’t know them but I can escape and that’s what I’ve done.

The break will allow me to clarify my financial setting, my newly created patio, the removal of a gazillion tree roots, the trees feeding off them and finally to relax. I might be able to write some more silly stuff and publish it here on the scarily big internet. The reason for my diversion to the www.alancrawford.com.au was questioned the other day, even though i think it’s pretty clear why I branched out.

The subtle change to tbaoo with the double up of content, and even though I set those stories to private, seems to have impacted in my page rank – it’s now gone down to a 2, gosh. Maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s the directory type sites that have my content. I recently stopped publishing the wobbly tbaoo material to those sites just in case.

As always I rant about trying to adjust and temper my thoughts and content, this still stands true and may settle as time goes by. So dear reader please bear with me as I undergo a transformation and while the backyard is having a dramatic one, tbaoo will be less so. (an old story from tbaoo although the tension remained from time to time)

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I'm an increasingly grumpy old fart posting rants, observations and trying to write somewhat twisted short and slightly longer stories for adults. All rights reserved unless otherwise credited © Alan Crawford - 2024

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04/08/2012 19:58

I too have fallen in a big way with the powers that be. But I no complain as they can go kiss the darkest part of my white ……


03/08/2012 19:16

Good luck sir in all your endeavours whether real world or the net 😉

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