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Several curious people, really it’s just one, asked me how or where the ideas came from. Thankfully there’s no clear answer. When the trousers, mind, or weather conditions suit such things, the computer opens, a page appears, and it starts to flow. All designed to promote my nonsense, which may be adult in nature but not necessarily mature.

Attack addicts or help them

The Apartments

Reading Time: 3 minutesI am pleased, saddened and annoyed all at the same time. The Sydney MSIC and Heroin conjure up some well entrenched responses, those who are addicted have one, those of us who see the effects of such addiction, a very distinctly different one. The key point I would hope of the compassionate populace, who may have sons and daughters affected by this drug, is care. I mean care for them and provide care to keep them alive and direct them to a better life, off the drug. We can attack addicts or help them.

This is a media release tbaoo published on 15/9/2010 – “The Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre” (MSIC)

The Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) aims to reduce harm associated with illicit drug use by supervising injecting episodes that might otherwise occur in less safe circumstances such as public places or alone. Specifically, it is anticipated that supervising such injecting episodes will reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality associated with drug overdoses and transmission of blood-borne infections, while providing ready access to safe needle syringe disposal. It is also hoped that by extending the circumstances in which health professionals have contact with injecting drug users (IDUs) more, particularly those most “at risk”, will be engaged with the health and social welfare system sooner than otherwise.

The Sydney MSIC is at 66 Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross, in the centre of the Kings Cross business district. Access is from Darlinghurst Road. No drugs are sold or kept on the premises. Registered clients receive clean needles and equipment, and advise about their health.

The MSIC conducts tours of the premises for members of the public on a regular basis.
To find out more about these tours please contact:

Rohan Glasgow

So dear reader, this intelligent and well thought out health care facility has at last been granted a permanent right to exist, it has been on a temporary trial status and now the Premier had given it permanency. The doom sayers, some of the so called drug experts, have come out stating it shouldn’t be there, it promotes drug use, are these people on the very drugs they speak of. Their angst is driven by ridiculously puerile politically motivated short term, “Say no to drugs” mentality.

Kings Cross was a unique place and remains the source of fond memories, it was tbaoo’s old stomping, drinking and chasing ground. It has a unique problem and this clever outreach of support, is well suited and has been able to help reduce the rise of HIV/Aids, Hepatitis and overdoses and one would understand a range of communicable diseases, acquired by shooting up in filthy, wet, dingy shitholed lanes and squats. Since ruined due to lock out laws.

The most practical and alarmingly obvious aspect is that health care workers are on site, it’s not a place for judgement, it’s a refuge for help, support and counselling which is aimed at weaning the patient off the evil that is heroin. The most regular reader will have read my manifesto here – create safe injecting rooms, professional counselling and a Doctor prescription system for drugs that are presently outlawed.

The idea that people who require such drugs can go to a Doctor and the prescription is given with the agreement that a counselling session is booked and a great deal of support is provided to the people who are registered.

Chemists will sell the drugs and of course the sales will attract GST. This sudden legalisation of the sale of drugs, will remove the ability for organised crime to flourish. The huge number of people fighting drugs and organised crime, can be redirected to other areas. It will also ensure that the drugs sold through chemists, will not contain foreign and thus unknown ingredients.

Please think about what we should be doing for people in need. Forget that the newly publicised, but well entrenched, Mexican drug cartel is apparently enjoying a tremendous increase in cocaine sales in Australia. Think about the decriminalisation, authorised prescription, monstrous tax revenue, no more organised crime required, help supplied alternative. Give it a serious thought please.

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28/09/2010 16:39

27th September – i did receive a reply from jann, ( i'd misspelt her name ) but i don't think i should post it here without permission. although, it does offer an explanation of her extensive knowledge and justifies her position on the matter 🙁

26/09/2010 07:58

quote from http://jannstuckey.com.au/2010/09/23/stuckey-says

Stuckey Says NO to Injecting Room in Palm Beach

23 September 2010

Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, has opposed calls for a supervised drug injecting centre to be established in Palm Beach.

“Reports are circulating that drug injecting rooms, similar to the one in Kings Cross in Sydney, should be established in Fortitude Valley and Palm Beach,” Ms Stuckey said.

The suggestion has come from the Queensland Intravenous AIDS Association, claiming Fortitude Valley and Palm Beach are street based injecting communities with an urgent need for such a facility.

“Palm Beach is not Kings Cross or Fortitude Valley. It is a residential area with families and young children.

“Judging by the sentiment of the community when plans for a Needle Syringe Program were pushed onto Palm Beach in 2007, I doubt residents would be at all accepting of an injecting room in our suburb, medically supervised or not.

“Originally, the intent of the NSP was to provide a multitude of services and education for the purposes of harm minimisation and prevention.

“Unfortunately it has proven to be more of a hand-out than a rehabilitation program.

“The current NSP facility has only one staff member and is not an appropriate location for a drug injecting room.

“A step in this direction is almost promoting illicit drug use in our community.

“I strongly oppose any action authorities might be considering on this issue.

“Kings Cross and Fortitude Valley are designated entertainment areas. We cannot have drug injecting rooms in a residential suburb.

this is from an elected representative jan stuckey in palm beach – currumbin – no hope really ?

tbaoo has sent her an email and awaits a response.

16/09/2010 05:18

before i go – everyone takes drugs, well maybe not the aged hippy with a headache and gonorrhea .. but it's just that some are better, and some are made illegal for some reason.

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