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While scooting about I discovered that when people sought review, they’d been told to have a what about me page. Well, what is it about me, that would make you want to know what about me? Not much really, so here’s my what about me page.

I was born in a mild, caring, newly air-conditioned room at St Leonards – in the Royal North Shore Hospital. I was brought home to a small unit with my newly burped face and bum. I was born a boy and remain so to this day. Maybe that’s what about me?

Many years later I left school under a cloud of drama and exasperation and started work. It was very smelly being an apprentice butcher and I’ve been lucky to enjoy a number of so-called careers since, sales, music, driving, media, talking, listening and yelling, all sorts of things.

I was drawn to blogging after having both legs removed after an unfortunate skydiving accident. Not only didn’t the chutes open, I bounced for two miles down a lonely country road and ended up lodged into a wasp nest up in a tree. The bites actually brought me back to life and to this day I pay homage to those little bitty things. My legs have been replaced and aside from the odd squeak, I get about fine.

The legs haven’t been the worst of it.

A few years later my right ear was slashed away from my gorgeous head as I tried to defend a young lady at a local shopping centre. As fate would have it, an apprentice butcher had decided he was going to attack his ex-girlfriend. I had to dive in and interfere and for my troubles, he slashed away at my ears.

Off they came, one at a time, he got the other one when I turned away (I managed to find one and it was reattached). He laughed something about turning the other cheek, but I couldn’t hear him at the time. I still can’t. I have a hearing aid but she only works Monday to Friday. Doesn’t care – what about me?

She charges too much to work on weekends, so if you are really observant, you may have noticed that I type a lot more when she’s not around, distracting me with all those unnecessary sounds.

With all these difficulties, I’ve still managed to grow up, not enough many would say. I was selected as a candidate for a grumpy old man pin-up in a seniors Australia calendar, I didn’t win but dated the calendar producer for a while. So then, after that rather tense relationship break up I started tbaoo. It was a random load of silly nonsense, photos and music. It morphed into this website Alan Crawford.

There you go, that’s what about me, Alan Crawford. Now what about you?

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